Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming of smaller trees is an enjoyable process for many avid gardeners. Some trees and other foliage however can outgrow their gardener which calls for our tree care services. It is a regular occurrence that overgrown foliage can have detrimental effects on your property whether it’s a house or commercial building. Natural light is something that we all enjoy and untamed foliage can reduce its availability dramatically. 

Our tree surgeons have access to lots of equipment specialised for working at height and in tricky areas. As well as access they have the correct tools to carry out work to a very high standard. With correct training and experience that’s been passed on over many years, we are pleased to offer the infrastructure capable of carrying out any of your tree surgery needs. Our team will deliver a high quality service within your budget, carried out safely and within the time scale discussed.

If you have decided to act on reduced light, unsightly foliage or to improve the trees general health then we would be happy to help. Our tree pruning and trimming costs are available via our quote form on the homepage or following a site visit by one of our inspectors. Please call today for more information. 

Why do we encourage tree care?

Tree pruning should be carried out regularly for a number of reasons. We look at tree health, light and any safety risks that may be imposed by decaying branches. Here’s a small list of the more common causes:

  • Health & Safety – By pruning tree’s we reduce the mass and make the tree a little more “aerodynamic” which is particularly important with large tree’s which are subject to high winds and storms.
  • Light issues – Highly important for many of our domestic customers, natural light can really change the feel of a property and sometimes trees can effect it with new growth. Working with the customer we take care of the tree, reducing its size and opening up the light to property.
  • General health of other foliage – Dominant trees and bushes can affect other foliage in the garden which some property owners would like to change.

Our pruning and trimming services

To begin the process a full assessment is taken. This assessment will take heed of the customers wishes but will also take into account health and safety and overall plant health. Once we have agreed with the customer on what they want to achieve, we plan equipment, man power and time. The work carried out will ensure that trees are pleasing on the eye, healthy and we have achieved the desires of the customer.

Our pruning process is carried out keeping optimal tree health in mind. Extra care is taken when branches and limbs are removed as we do not want to cause any unnecessary damage. Ropes and slings are used for larger plants keeping health and safety of our staff in mind. Whilst our surgeons are working they are visually inspecting all parts of the tree and should we find any decaying or dead wood, we will trim back to the branch collar as necessary.