Who are Folkestone Tree Surgeons…

We love helping great small businesses expand their customer base into new markets. We help business owners find new customers through the internet.

There are small businesses out there that provide a great service and we work with them! Our partners are fantastic tree surgeons and their businesses provide great value to the customers that they serve. We promote them through the internet giving new customers access to great servicemen.

We are currently partnered with N.J. Apps who is based in Shepway and provides a great service. His knowledge and experience is extensive and his pricing reflects the great tree surgery that he provides. We found him through his network of happy customers and are now providing him with new enquiries across the Shepway District. We feel our system rewards both the customer and the businesses that we work with.

Our business guarantee’s those that use our website that you will be handled by a highly proficient, experienced and commendable tree surgery service. If those three values are something you look for in a local service then you have found the right person for the job.

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